The Newlywed Life: Golf 101

When Taylor and I were dating, he often took me to a driving range not far from my place in Nashville and he would spend the afternoon attempting to teach me to hit a golf ball properly. He loves golf and is quite good at it, so naturally I wanted to join in! I like to think I improved a little each time but let’s face it, I’m not known for my patience and I tend to revert back to my little league softball days when I begin to swing.

Fast forward to a few months ago at a beautiful course not far from our place in Kentucky. It was a gorgeous Saturday and we set out to play an actual game together for Taylor’s birthday. He was looking forward to a full afternoon of golf and I was looking forward to driving the golf cart. Oh, and the snacks, of course. We drove over to the first hole and Taylor handed me my driver. Per his suggestion, I took a few practice swings and he was so encouraging – “That looks great, baby!” and “Exactly right, do that every time!” So yes, I was feeling good when I stepped up to the little orange ball. I took a deep breath, lined up my hands and swung away….the only problem was, I hadn’t gripped the driver properly and had flung it high into a tree directly to our left. OOPS. I looked over at Taylor and he was on the ground laughing as my driver fell from the tree, taking a few hundred leaves with it.

It was the funniest thing that happened all day and truly set the tone for the rest of our golf game! I owned it and moved on to do pretty well for a wife just trying to get competitive with her very competitive husband. We both had the best time just being together, and it didn’t matter that I wasn’t remotely as good a player as my husband or if I took a snack break between holes 9-12. Our marriage was strengthened that day and now we love to golf together. I just try and remember to hold on to my driver! xo

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Seven Things


[ This is a common occurrence ]

Let me start off by saying how much I appreciate your prayers for Chelsea and all the support and encouragement you’ve been giving – THANK YOU! Prayer is powerful and love heals so keep the good vibes coming. In between the business of the week we did take some time for some rest and a little fun, including homemade strawberry muffins to kick off strawberry season and a date night with my love where I dominated at the only sport I can come close to beating him; putt-putt. Oh, and I officially switched from six to seven things because seven is the perfect number and I have lots of share. Always. Have a great week! xo


[ Homemade strawberry muffins to spice up a weekday ]


[ Buddy joining in my morning stretch session ]


[ Pink on pink on pink lemonade ]


[ Fresh irises from the front yard ]

2015-04-26 15.02.08

[ A picture I just found from a date night at PM a couple weeks ago ]


[ His and Her’s ]

The Newlywed Life: Tough Days

My husband is a sensitive man, but out of the two of us let’s face it, I’m the emotional one 99.9% of the time. I cry at the end of movies, in the middle of a sweet song, when I’m overwhelmed with life and I have been known to cry “just because” from time to time. He knew what he signed up for when he married me and somehow he still followed through! With all that being said let’s be real, marriage is a full time gig. 24/7. 365. No weekends off. There are great days where you’re laughing while making a pizza in the kitchen and then there are tough days when your heart is breaking and it’s hard to make it off the couch.

Earlier this week we received news from one of my dearest friends in the world, news that I never dreamed I’d be hearing. Not from her. Not now. Suddenly I was having conversations with Chelsea about chemo and ports and scary things you never want to be talking about with your beautiful friend in her early thirties. It just doesn’t seem fair.

As expected, I’ve been a wreck all week. By yesterday morning, I had told my husband every detail as I knew it, questioned why this was happening and talked through a million ideas of how to help her through every step of the process. Taylor reminded me of so many, including my incredible cousin (!!!), who have beat cancer and encouraged me to breathe normally. There was nothing more to say that would help or change the way I was feeling or what was happening and he knew it, so he just held me and let me cry. We stood in the hallway for what felt like hours and he held me close while I cried and mumbled a prayer for healing for my beautiful friend. He didn’t say a word – he just held me while I let go. Sometimes marriage is simply about being present.

Last night I talked to Chelsea for hours, along with our other half, Ashley, who we conferenced in. We talked and talked about it all – the scary stuff and just life stuff. I’ve always known Chelsea was a tough cookie – we’ve been friends and lived together for the better part of my 20s – but she is approaching next level toughness these days. Her attitude is incredibly joyful and her courage is contagious and I know without a doubt God is going to carry her through this with grace. After we all said our goodbyes and I slipped into bed next to my sweet, half-asleep husband we prayed for complete healing for my beautiful friend, just as we had several times earlier that day and as we will continue to do. For the first time all day I felt at peace, and I knew everything would be alright.

Ladies, I hope you find a partner who will hold you and let you cry. Who will love you when you’re all dolled up and when your mascara is running down your face. Who will pray with you without ceasing, and who will love your best friends the way you love them. I am so incredibly thankful for a Godly husband who is my light and encouragement when I get so caught up in the whys and hows – the questions that don’t need to be answered because we’re not in control. I am eternally grateful for a husband that keeps reminding me God is faithful, my friend is a fighter, and we’re going to pray her through this. Together. xo

Six Things


[ How fun is this dressing room? ]

The theme of this past week would be gratitude. With each passing day I became even more thankful for the wonderful people God has placed in my life: my husband, my family, my girlfriends (some of which now have little ones that I adore!), the smart women that I work with and of course, Buddy. In between work and traveling and caring for my husband with a sinus infection (that he soon passed on to me), there were sweet moments and real conversations with the people who I feel so blessed to call friends and family. Too mushy? Never! Tell the people you love that you love them and embrace the Hallmark card moments. Have a great week! xo


[ Sometimes Buddy thinks he’s a guard dog ]


[ There is nothing sweeter than when your best friends have babies ]


[ Exploring downtown Paducah and dodging all the girls in outrageous prom dresses ]


[ We introduced this pretty lady to all the local hot spots, including Patti’s and their legendary chocolate pie]

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Six Things


[ Feeling fresh after his summer cut ]

Raise your hand if you’ve been loving all the warm weather we’ve been having? I’m raising both hands because I have loved the sunshine and upper 70 temps so much – partly because I can finally stand to go barelegged and put away the heavy coats. Buddy hasn’t been the only one wanting to spend every minute outside! This past weekend was FHU’s Makin’ Music which, if you’re not familiar with it, I won’t even attempt to explain what it is BUT it holds a very special place in my heart. Lots of nostalgia being back on campus and crazy that my “little” brother is graduating in May! Where did the time go? The rest of the weekend was spent exploring new places with my honey and seeing two of my best girlfriends. Everyone have a great week! xo


[ I loved admiring this house on a long walk ]


[ So proud of my brother and all of his Makin’ Music-ness ]


[ Date night with plenty of sweet tea ]


[ Two best friends and a baby ]

FullSizeRender[2][ That smile, though ]

The Newlywed Life: “I Love You More”

I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I still trip over my new full name (Katie Powell Bell) or the permanent grin on my face, but everyone everywhere loves to point out that I’m a newlywed. This is usually followed by an occasional “Oh, you’re still in the sweet first few years where you still actually like each other” – OY – but mostly people get all smiley too, thinking about those first few years in their own marriage.

Sure, we have moments where we get annoyed with each other or have a small argument discussion due to a misunderstanding. The majority of the time, however, we’re the lovebirds who make the most of every moment together. Since we started dating, we’ve enjoyed a solid balance of fancy nights on the town and thrown together meals eaten around the coffee table. We like to celebrate each other every day, especially birthdays/anniversaries/holidays because well, we love making each other feel extra special. In just our four short months of wedded bliss we’ve started traditions and inside jokes that I know are sure to stick around for many years to come.

There are so many aspects of our young marriage that I adore and appreciate more each day, but there is one thing my husband does that sticks out. It’s very simple but I’ve come to expect it at least once a day. I say “I love you.” What does he say back? “I love you more.” It’s that addition of one simple word that makes my heart skip a beat, and while I always argue and say it isn’t possible, he somehow manages to win every time.

After we returned from our honeymoon I was busy unpacking all of our mugs in the kitchen, when I came across one that Taylor had painted for me one afternoon months ago when we went to paint pottery. I admired it for probably too long and then as I flipped it over to place it in the cabinet I saw it. He had written his name, the date, and then in teeny tiny letters “I love you more.” And just like that, my heart skipped a beat. xo

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Shameless Plug: Dove Dry Shampoo


Every once in a while you come across a dream hair product – you know, the kind that works wonders, smells amazing and can be bought for a few dollars at the nearest Target. Dove Dry Shampoo has proven to be the dream product for me and my blonde locks, and with the easy price of $4 it’s safe to say I’m hooked.

My former roommate (and nanny extraordinaire) brought this gloriousness into my life, only after we had both tried various expensive dry shampoos and not seen great results. One day she brought home a couple of bottles of Dove dry shampoo and within the week we were loving the results – and the fact that we didn’t have to wash our hair daily to keep it looking top notch. Dove dry shampoo sprays on natural (no powdery residue here!), is weightless, and bulks up your hair to add a little bit of volume (who doesn’t love that?). Oh, and it also works wonders when you need a little more ump for a ponytail or top knot! As a girl with bangs, I swear by this stuff on those mornings I don’t have time to wash my hair or for nights when I need the bangs to pep it up.

Whether you’re already a loyal follower of dry shampoo or haven’t tried it yet, pick up a bottle of Dove dry shampoo the next time you’re out and give it a whirl. xo